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About the service

This service is edited by Switch-Ti sark (see legalese).
The database is regularly updated.
Our support system is there to help you with the service, we'll do our best in a reasonable measure.
Technical issues could arise while using the service. We'll do our best to fix them.
Stripe is a financial service provider. The card payment is secured and hadnled by Stripe. We never have acces to your card number. This data never hits our servers.
Only Stripe has access to this data and stores it.

Technical Team

Christian is a software and idea developer. His favorite field is predictive semantics.
Sylvain is a curious engineer with a predilection for Technical SEO.
"Fresh ideas and words for your content", here is the motto of this new service and its straightforward use.
A proprietary algorithm, one of its kind.
Enjoy it!