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18 655 484 Expressions
(dont 7 915 642 Questions)
8 807 852 Lexies
2 117 057 Entités
Et ça augmente sans cesse !


36,532,541 Expressions
(inc. 27 566 966 Questions)
6,264,560 Lexies
5,244,402 Entities
And it keeps increasing!

EZWord, what is it?

EZWord: fresh ideas for your content!

The "Plus" from EZWord

  • The expressions themselves: from high volume queries, but also from niche subjects, formulated as search engines like them.

  • The lexical items, from web sources but also from encyclopedic databases. More precise, more exhaustive: the right keys to open all doors.

  • Exploration by lexical conductors: From an expression, target what you really want, and find the other related expressions!