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Alexandra Lanier

User Image "EZWord enriches my content creation without designing it for me"

Christophe Vidal -

User Image "EZWord, the tool that opens your chakras"

Thomas Cubel

User Image "EZWord gives you access to the web of knowledge: Take a step back and remove the ambiguities from your content."

Philippe Azza

User Image "It's like writing in an open book"

Alexandra Lanier, SEO Web Writer

User Image

Using Ezword has allowed me to optimize my web writing technique. This solution does not replace other tools already integrated into my SEO-optimized writing process.

In my strategy, the design of an article is divided into several steps:

  • Google research on the theme where an SEO potential has been identified beforehand
  • Definition of a key idea
  • Creation of a Mind-Map with several branches, sub-branches.

Attention, I am not yet at the "subject" to develop in the article. I'm simply exploring a broad topic, and then creating a funnel structure to determine a specific topic and angle. This allows me to get away from "what already exists" and leaves more room for my creativity.

This is precisely when I will insert Ezword. My exploration of the theme, then of the branches, even of the sub-branches, will be enhanced by ideas that I won't find in a quick, easy and obvious way via a corresponding query on a search engine or an SEO tool. It is this new aspect that immediately convinced me of Ezword's potential.

For example, I used the tool to identify an unexploited expression, on a theme that was nevertheless extremely competitive and mastered at a high level.

Optimization only comes as a "reinforcement" of a subject treated in a "natural" way. By covering all aspects of a subject, the corresponding lexical field is inevitably integrated. Ezword reinforces this optimized aspect in parallel with a proofreader with advanced features (dictionary, synonyms, grammar, etc.). The latter allows me to avoid repetitions and to enrich my vocabulary, even if I'm starting to be the Queen of Synonyms for some words!

I don't shy away from the traditional technique since I write with generally recommended SEO tools. But Ezword fills another need.

It allows us to open doors that were in front of us, but that we simply did not see! Sometimes overwhelmed by continuous and redundant information, it becomes difficult to look elsewhere... This is exactly what the tool allows. I like it because it meets one of the requirements of my profile as an SEO web writer: I am intuitive and creative. For about a year now, I've been working exclusively on projects without a set topic or keyword list.

Thus, Ezword enriches my content creation without "designing it for me". My added value is thus preserved. This aspect is becoming fundamental at a time when some people are wondering about the future of web editors!

Alexandra Lanier, Web SEO Writer

Christophe Vidal, Prestashop Expert

Thomas Cubel, SEO Consultant

Philippe Azzaretti

User Image

EZWord, a high-flying freelancer available 24 hours a day!

I recently discovered EZWord, a "writing tool" that has quickly become a must-have as it saves time without skimping on relevance, quite the contrary.

Indeed, when it comes to covering a topic or writing an article, the first preparation work is time-consuming, it consists in searching for information or ideas on all aspects of this topic. We then throw ourselves into endless research on the web, we visit and read a lot of more or less useful articles, we file bookmarks, we fill in folders, we empty folders... In short! We spend an incredible amount of time until we sometimes stray from our objective, without ever touching the global vision of the subject to be treated.

This is where EZWord is interesting, we could call it a super glossary of ideas for contents; You just have to type your subject and the software instantly lists everything that can be said (or almost) on the subject, many tracks that we would simply not have explored, are listed as if by magic in a clear and concise listing; "the lexies". But it doesn't stop there! A second tab displays "the entities", which are, no more and no less than the reference sources that support our purpose. You will have understood, in one shot, by only one research on EZWord we have at hand, our ideas of contents and the associated sources... Bingo!

We have here, much more material than we need to write our simple article. It is then up to us to shape this raw material into several clusters of content in order to link them together. Because EZWord does not write for us, and that's good, no, EZWord frees our mind to create our content in a fluid way EZWord is "like writing with an open book", it considerably increases the writer's potential to deliver relevant and documented topics.

At the dawn of Web 3.0, with so-called artificial intelligence, content generators are competing with each other with functions that are more attractive than the others, on paper anyway. Their algorithms all use the same process, comparing contents to try to get out a quintessence at most intelligible. All they do is contribute to leveling the web down, generating exponentially low quality, irrelevant content.

This is where EZWord becomes essential if you want to get the most out of it. The possibilities for the writer are infinite, at his fingertips he has all the keys to design rich content that will interest the Internet user. If everyone used EZWord, the web would be more intelligent

This is not the first tool of Christian Méline that I use, being also conquered by his Metamots, I had no doubt on the added value that EZWord could bring, and I am not disappointed. So if you want to contribute to the de-uniformization of the web, and especially to design contents with strong added value, I invite you to try it urgently.